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Merry Christmas from us all at IOW Film Club.

Everything you need for a film production

Corona Virus Lock down Tier Three

After a very strange year we have still managed to complete three documentary, one live play and six live events all recorded, edited and available on the website. Since we have entered tier 3 we will still look at drama, so providing we can stay in tier 3 we are allowed to make films so we will be producing two drama's later in 2021 as well as other documentary and live events. If you need anymore information please contact us by email.

Productions for 2021


An Innocent Man - When Annabelle discovers her father may be alive she starts a journey of discovery to find out more which leads to a family she never knew with devastating consequences. Thriller - Cert: 15

Unnamed Archeology adventure - When India's mother returns from her latest adventure, the artifact leads mother and daughter on their own adventure more daring than either had expected. Adventure - Cert PG


The Wight Queen - The story of Isabella de Fortibus

100 Years of the British Legion on the Isle of Wight

150 Years of the Isle of Wight Diocese

Writtle - 100 years of the BBC

The History of Northwood House

Covid 2020 on the Isle of Wight

This is a selection of productions that have been given the green light, there are more in the pipeline.


Part three of the Peter P Eckelsey story, scheduled for October 2021 at Northwood House.

Getting Involved

If you want to get involved in a production, please email and let us know what you are interested in. Please remember even though we take matters seriously; in the end we are just a group who like making films, if its paid work you are after, sorry we can't help, but if its experience, this we can help with and looks good on a CV. If you are over 18 please get in touch, under 18's can be involved in some aspects, but a parent or guardian must contact us and they must also chaperon you at all times.


The IOW Film Club started with the idea of making film's for fun for anyone with an interest in filming making. IOW Film Club is not like a conventional club, we don't meet once a week, IOWFC only comes together when you have a film idea no matter how big or small, if it can be filmed its a production , no matter what style of film you want to make.

The equipment is available to anyone with a general interest in film making, training is given and we will be there to give you all the help you need throughout your production. Being involved with a production doesn't always mean in front of the camera, there are plenty of things to do behind, from camera, sound, to directing, lighting, hair or make up. You can even learn the art of editing or sound production. Remember productions can be as big as a full crew or as small as one, to us it doesn't matter. To become part of IOWFC, all you need is have an idea and be committed, its all free with no catches, all we ask is you have an interest in film production and respect all the equipment as if it were your own. To contact us you must be 18 or over, Please Note: those under 18's are always welcome to be involved, BUT they must always be chaperoned by a parent or guardian.

Please Note: The equipment cannot be used for anything commercial, if its a commercial venture, please contact us for more information. Commercial means anything that you could make money from. If you are promoting yourself, using the material as a show-reel this is fine, or if your project benefits a charity. If not sure send us an email.


APL and Shanklin Airdrome

On the 28th November 1940 Archibold Lyall lost his life after being shot down over the Isle of wight, in this short film we tell you his story.

Available Now

click here to watch


P.L.U.T.O Lecture with Tim Wander

Join Tim with this special Online event as he tells the amazing story of P.L.U.T.O Pipeline under the ocean and the Isle of Wight.

Available Now

click here to watch


Northwood House a Christmas Story

Join Tim Wander as he takes you through the Christmas History of Northwood House and some of those Christmas traditions and what they mean..

Thursday 24th December at 7pm

click here to watch

Remember here at IOW Film Club we are always looking for new and exciting projects, it can be anything large or small on any subject or genre, even if its just an idea we will help you develop it, if we can. Remember if you are creating your own project, you can cast and crew the whole thing if you wish. If not any project made by IOW Film Club is open to all, if its a project not by us, please still contact us and we will speak to the person responsible for the production.

Latest Production News


Now we are in tier one, we are currently working on bringing back drama's for next year, these include A Innocent man and untitled Adventure, more information to follow.


As we can safely work under Covid-19 restrictions we have continued to make documentary's. The latest films we have been working on have now all be completed. For next year we have started research on a few new projects, Including The Wight Queen which will be a doc drama as well as other Isle of Wight films. We can always do with help from camera, sound or just generally helping on location or with per-production like research. For further information or would like to chat please drop us an email.


We would like to have a few more female's who are interested in film making, here's a few jobs below that may be of interest.

Female Co-writer Director for the Archeology Adventure

Two 18+ females who look younger for the leads in An Innocent Man.

Fun and outgoing female for test video and stills for an upcoming idea for a new alien film, for more information, Click Here.



If you don't want to join a production but would like to know more about our equipment like camera's sound or lights. Or you would like to know more about NLE (Non Linear Editing) having a go at music composing, please get in touch as we will always help.

To contact us email: info@iowfilmclub.com
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Certificate Ratings

Guides to our films.

All of our films are given a certificate rating, U, PG, 12, 15 and 18. These are based on the BBFC ratings, but are NOT governed by the BBFC. The reason we give these ratings is to give the general content, found in each film, giving you the guidance to decide if a particular production is suitable for you.

The final decision and contents of the film is up to the person making the film, we will approve every idea first, before a production can proceed, once the production has been approved it will be the responsibility of the person or persons who want to be involved to understand what is involved before they agree to taking part, whether its in front or behind the camera, if unsure please ask first.



Click Here to see out ratings guide.


Growing up in the Bay - The War Years

Documentary Cert: U

Produced and Directed by Pip Pip looking at how the Military has helped in shaping the area know as The Bay from Culver Cliff to Luccombe on the isle of Wight. Production Completed


The Innocent Man (Working Title)

Film Cert: 15

Made by Tyber Films, A one women fight to prove her husbands innocence, but is she the person we all think she is. (This film is back in script development for change to include social distances)


The Piano

Dance Video Based on Michael Nyman's theme Cert: U

The Piano is a piece of music which we feel would make for a fun short dance video in the classic ballet style, currently we are looking for anyone who has spare time, loves to dance and wants a challenge. Contact us if you are interested.


Sing Sing Sing

Dance video based on Sing Sing Sing Cert: U

This is such a fantastic dance number, which we feel would be a fun group video to make, open to any dance troops who want a challenge.